In early 2011, we started working on MoneyChakra – a tool to follow world’s best investors and leverage their investing insights. Actions of these wealthy, super investors are available for every consumer to view, leverage and benefit from. All these investors file with SEC regularly. Unfortunately, the quality of the data filed makes it extremely hard to gather meaningful insights from the stream of data. While there are few services that were attempting to do so, no one was focusing on simplifying the process and making the data available across tablets/mobile/web. We set out to build MoneyChakra, with the goal of providing meaningful, easy to grasp view of portfolios and insights of these super investors.

We launched MoneyChakra iPad app early 2012, saw it break top 100 financial apps on iPad with in the first few weeks. It was great to see feedback from our users expressing delight and surprise that we made this information available for free!

Although our service has been loved by many, we never achieved the growth and the scale that would allow a sustainable future for MoneyChakra. Over the past 3 years, SEC data formats have also improved making the process of extracting information from the raw SEC filings simpler, without needing moneychakra app. While don’t feel that the problem is fully solved – there are no good tools for identifying the investor insights simply and for free – this is the end of the journey for MoneyChakra.

MoneyChakra App is now discontinued. Rest assured, If there was any personal information that was collected it would be shut off in a vault, never to be sold or used for any purposes other than for a revived MoneyChakra app.

We would like to thank all our users and supporters! This journey taught us a lot in our life and career. We hope to build better, greater services in future.